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Main Points of Class

  • Study is your first professional work and not just a preparation for work. In professional life, people measure you by your performance and in school that measurement takes the form of grades.

  • The first goal of studying is to learn. In addition, a critical skill you learn by studying is training the mind to concentrate on the work at hand – the basic characteristic of a good professional. This is achieved by always studying ‘at the right time’ and ‘in the right place’.

  • Learning is not just for school. It’s for your whole life. Get used to it. Get good at it.

  • You need to develop good habits of study now. These habits will form your character.

In-class Activity: Temperance Case Study

  • The goal is to make the students consider the many ways that a lack of temperance can have an impact on a student’s life, as well as the consequences it can have for the future.

  • The students will read a case study on temperance to understand how this virtue is lived (or not lived).

  • After discussion of the examples on temperance (or lack thereof), the students will engage in an competitive activity to enhance their understanding of the virtue.

Out-of-class work

  • Complete the Study Habits Questionnaire that was handed out in class.

  • Talk to your teachers/school counselors about your current classes, and ask for help in areas that you are struggling.

  • Read the Study Habits for Success sheet.

  • Fill out the Time Use Sheet.


  • Review your class schedule with your mentor. Be sure to take challenging classes both now and throughout high school.

  • With the help of your mentor, create a weekly schedule.

  • Review your completed Time Use Sheet.

  • Complete a Monthly Goals Sheet.