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september: college application. Now? Yes

Main Points of Class

  • Choosing a college is probably the first major decision you will make in your life. This decision will influence everything you will do later on.  For this reason, you must be prepared for it.
  • Throughout your life people will be sizing you up in terms of your character: What kind of person are you? The college application process is just the first (major) time this happens. It also happens with jobs, courtship, etc. This process is part of ‘real life’.
  • The College Application Process (CAP) is the process by which you prepare to choose the college you will attend.
  • The goal of CAP is not to produce ‘the perfect college application’. Its goals are:
    • To help you become a man of character.  Your prospective college’s admissions staff will measure your character; you will not be simply filling out a form, but rather presenting yourself as you are.
    • To help you choose and be able to attend the college that is ‘the best fit for you’.
  • You are currently writing, with your actions, your college application.  Freshman year counts.

In-class activity: Manners and Etiquette

  • The purpose of the Manners and Etiquette activity is to teach the basics of style and etiquette in social situations with regard to personal appearance.
  • The students will be introduced to various tips for social appearance and social graces (e.g. tying a tie, making small talk, introducing people).
  • The activity will overview a number of scenarios where the students are guided on how to conduct themselves in a manner that is fitting for a mature and other-centered adult.

Out-of-class work

  • Read the High School Advice handout and discuss it with your parents.
  • Review the Teacher/Counselor Evaluation sections of the Common Application with your parents.
  • Try to make many new friends as you begin the school year.


  • Fill out the Life Goals Sheet.
  • Review the Teacher/Counselor Evaluation sections of the Common Application.
  • Complete a Monthly Goals Sheet.