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december: career insights: which one is for me?

Main Points of Class

  • Work is essential for a happy life. You will spend 50 years of your life working. Picking the career path that fits you best can make a big difference to you and your future family’s happiness.
  • High school is the time to discover your career interests and talents.  Make sure you make time to explore these. It is also the time to grow in awareness of your personal aptitudes,  strengths, and weaknesses.
  • It is cost effective to enter college with a reasonable idea of what you like and where your strengths lie. Not having an idea about your future career can lead to postponing the beginning of a real career after college.
  • Identify character traits most prized by employers and clients (e.g., integrity, persistence and thoroughness, service, capacity for study and creativity, capacity for friendship).
  • Your career should be seen as the source of support for your future family.

In-class Activity: Career Interest Test

  • The purpose of this activity is to give students another data point (in addition to The Grade career talks in the Sophomore/Junior seminar, parent advice, mentor advice, high school work experience, and references from other professionals – see Career Suitability Worksheet) to narrow down their educational focus, decide whether college is the right path, and explore majors that could be good for them. This activity entails taking the Self-Directed Search ("SDS") test online.

Out-of-class work


  • Review results from the SDS career test.  Discuss with your mentor and make a resolution based on recommendations of this test.
  • Determine practical ways to get to know more about the careers you selected and if they are a good fit for you.
  • Fill out the Career Suitability Sheet (columns A and B), listing the careers in which you have both interest and aptitude.
  • Discuss the Career Considerations sheet with your mentor.
  • Complete a Monthly Goals Sheet.