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march: character and maturity

Main Points of Class

  • What matters in life is character. Character is measured by your virtues.

  • Character allows men to take on responsibility and makes them great. Character leads to maturity.

  • Character is needed to achieve life goals. Character is being a man for others, with the self-governing powers to be for others.

  • A lack of character has very serious consequences.

  • Great men are men of character. A challenge is something that is worth achieving, but is difficult to do. What makes great men great is their willingness to face challenges.

  • You are not born with character (like temperament and talents). Character does not just happen with time (like growing taller). Your character is what you decide it will be.

  • Your level of maturity is reflected in what teachers write about you when filling out the teacher evaluation form found in the Common Application for applying to college.

In-class activity: Public Speaking

  • The purpose of this activity is twofold: first, to help students get accustomed to speaking in public; second, to encourage and facilitate students’ interests by having them talk about either a favorite book or a person from history.

  • Students give their speeches and are given feedback based on observations from both staff and peers.

Out-of-class work

  • Complete the Scale of Maturity handout.

  • Keep track of daily expenses for this month.

  • Continue any necessary preparations to fulfill your summer plans.


  • Discuss the Scale of Maturity handout.

  • Review the budget you made in this month’s activity. Then, keep track of daily expenses for this month.

  • Discuss and complete a Monthly Goals Sheet.