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february: holding down a summer job

Main Points of Class

  • Good use of summer time fits into the strategy of a good life.

  • It is a must for a competitive position in the college application process.

  • Summer presents a great opportunity for growth in many areas (e.g. intellectual development, character development, building friendships, developing leadership skills, etc.).

  • Foresight and early planning are the keys to a productive summer. Often times, people do not use their summers well simply because they did not think ahead.

  • Working at a (paid) job can give you the responsibility you need to mature.

  • Initiative gets you jobs.

In-class activity: Productive Use of Summer

  • The activity's objective is fourfold: (1) help the students realize that the way they use their time is a reflection on their character, (2) explain how colleges assess character of students by how they have invested their time, (3) show the importance of summer job/experience in personal development, (4) give instructions for how to plan the summer

  • During the activity, the students are challenged to begin developing their network by brainstorming possible contacts for summer jobs and internships in various fields.

  • Students are also helped to think through their interests and areas for growth and what jobs and experiences could help them.

Out-of-class work


  • Discuss the Productive Use of the Summer Handout.

  • Discuss the worksheets mentioned above and establish a tentative summer plan with your mentor.

  • Complete a Monthly Goals Sheet.