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january: you are what you read

Main Points of Class

  • Reading is a delightful discipline. It requires work, but it’s a great joy.
  • Reading opens your life to the world, to a world of experience, to areas and places you couldn’t go on your own.
  • Reading helps develop essential skills necessary for life: writing and communication.
  • Reading is the single most important activity for one’s intellectual development.
  • We should develop a love of reading; this is done by reading a lot.
  • Reading will open up worlds that otherwise will be closed to you.

In-Class Activity: Debate

  • The goal is to learn how to present a clear, logical and compelling case for an ethical position and also, to learn to listen and to respond to the points of those who hold the opposite position.
  • This activity will help those who tend to be insecure in a group to develop great confidence to speak more.
  • It will help those who are confident in a group but verbose to be more coherent, articulating and defending their ideas with greater clarity and logic.
  • The students will read certain articles on a topic of interest and formulate an argument in favor of a particular position to present in class.

Out-of-class work

  • Prepare a list of books that you have read this year.


  • Go over the Reading list for high school years and make your own personal reading list.
  • Complete a Monthly Goals Sheet.