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Main Points of Class

  • You should look for opportunities to exercise leadership in high school.

  • Do not avoid leadership out of fear or laziness.

  • The world needs good leaders at every level: in the family, workplace, school, community, nation, and world.

In-class activity: Debate

  • The purpose of this activity is to learn how to present a clear, logical, and compelling case for an ethical scenario; also, to learn to listen and respond to the points of those who hold the opposite position.

  • This activity will help remedy the insecurity of those who are too quiet, as well as the incoherence of those who are too verbose, enabling all to better articulate and defend their ideas.

  • The students will divide into two groups to prepare arguments for presenting in a debate. The topic will deal with a major cultural issue that is relevant to the modern era.

Out-of-class work

  • Review your summer plans and complete any remaining preparation tasks.

  • Identify some leadership roles which you can take on now (e.g., at home, during summer activities) and next year (e.g., in school).

  • Complete the Personal Resume Form. Also, complete the Academic and Extracurricular Plan.

  • Consider taking the PSAT next October (even as a sophomore). The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT/PSAT is an excellent book to help prepare for the test.


  • Go over your Life Goals Sheet from the first mentoring session.

  • Discuss your summer plans and future leadership plans.

  • Review the Personal Resume Form and the Academic and Extracurricular Plan with your mentor.

  • Complete a Monthly Goals Sheet.